Packaging Design

We deliver packaging design
that live and work in the market.

We design with the realization that
packaging has enormous power over
what the consumer buys. The packaging
expresses the essence of the product
and the brand. We believe in providing
enhanced customer experience from the
time the he/she sees the product on the
shelf to the time he/she picks it and
takes it home.

Product Branding

A good design creates brand recall,
building loyalty along the way.

Great packaging design supports the
brand and in many cases creates the
brand, whether it is for the consumer
retail or business to business. Designs
inherit the brand spirit. Packaging is the
brand's direct link with the consumer. It
draws in the consumer (changes their
view of the brand) to make that

Communication Design

As designers we mark and
beautify your products

We add tremendous value to the product
by designing graphics that enhances the
form of the product and also communicate
the product brand to the consumer.
Surface graphics continue to communicate
the brands promise and product usage
long after the outer packaging is gone.
Wemake your products easily identifiable
and aesthetically pleasing.


Seeing is believing

Effective evaluation of design concepts
at an early stage. A combination of
virtual and physical prototypes work
best in testing shape, weight, scale,
functionality and ergonomics as well as
to test multiple color schemes, materials,
finishes and graphics or branding.
We offer assistance in developing part
or assembly CAD models as part of the
prototyping process which are essential
to make both physical and virtual